The Ganesha Series

Ganesha Canvas Painting Series

Sneak peek. More pictures below..

Here’s presenting my Ganesha Series, which also happens to be the first set of art I did for my home. It is close to my heart and I hope to add on to it in the future and, hopefully, when I have a ginormous wall. (Imagine how many Ganesha paintings could fit there!)

For photography, I have placed the paintings in three different ways, in outdoor and indoor light.
If you want a closer look at the Ganesha paintings and how I made them, please do see Ganesha Canvas Painting – Part One and Ganesha Canvas Painting – Part Two.

Ganesha Canvas Painting Series

The paintings in outdoor natural light


Ganesha Canvas Painting Seri

The paintings in a mix of indoor warm and outdoor natural light


Ganesha Canvas Painting Series

In indoor warm lights and the wall – their final destination 🙂




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