Monday Magenta ~ Cherry Blossoms Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Cherry Blossom Canvas Painting

It’s Spring!

I like flowers. Not to the extent that I want everything in floral patterns but in small doses, yes. But I was awestruck at the pretty-ness of Cherry Blossoms when I first saw them! I think it is the only flower design which I will not mind having on my table covers, plates, curtains, as wall photos etc. (Or maybe, that’s not such a good idea after all, I can imagine the look on AB’s face if he came home to see his house look like a cherry blossom festival. Hmm.) Anyway, moving on. Now, how did cherry blossoms turn my ‘Monday blues’ to ‘Monday magenta’? We will see..

The idea of painting a cherry blossom tree had not occurred to me just yet. In one of my gazillion trips (that I make) to Michael’s, last year I discovered this beautiful magenta acrylic paint. Have you ever bought a color and Then made a painting especially to use it? That color made me want to paint a magenta sky with the moon and a cherry blossom tree on it. So I sat down on a Monday evening, after work and created this. And what better time for painting cherry blossoms than spring?

If you want to recreate this, you will need:

Canvas (I used Artist Loft 12×16)

Acrylic Paints (white, magenta, purple, lavender, light pink, black)

¾”, ½”, ⅜” Flat brushes

Nos.4,7,9  Brushes

Little water


I used white, magenta and violet as the main colors for the background. A blended background technique in circular brush strokes. You can mix and match and use the flat brushes according to your convenience. Start from the center white part and gradually move out in circular motion.

Keep your hand steady and paint on the tree trunk and branches with black.

Cherry Blossom Canvas Painting

I used a mix of acrylic paints of matte, gloss and satin textures

The cherry blossoms are the easiest to make. Use the No.4,7 and 9 brushes to make 5 dots to form a blossom. Just dab the paintbrush in the paint and dab onto the canvas! Use a mix of lavender, white and light pink (chiffon pink).

Cherry Blossom Canvas Painting

Cherry Blossoms ~ Acrylic on Canvas ~ a home decor idea, ain’t it?

Art is about being creative and using your imagination. It does not have rules. This is just a guideline to help you. But use your creativity, use different colors and have fun!

P.S. Please tag me in my social media pages if you do recreate it. 🙂


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