Meet Ms Melony

Watermelon Painted Planter

A summer-cooler planter, Melony πŸ™‚

Summer is here. Temperatures are soaring. (I hear on Monday it will be 90 F).The sun seems to be shining right on top of our heads already. But then it IS summer! Summer means no school, more fun and lots of activities. (yes yes, swimming pool, I am coming!) But before I tell you what inspired me to make this design for my first succulent planter, parents take note. Fret not thinking β€œWhat am I going to do all of summer?! No school, no camp, kids at home!!” This could be one of the activities you could engage them with. πŸ™‚

I see watermelons everywhere. I mean, everything this summer seems to be in a watermelon design or theme. Serving bowls, glasses, plates, watermelon printed tees, aprons, etc. Please fill me in here. Is it the summer trend of 2015? Watermelon? Or is it like this every year and I missed it so far? Well, Melony was not inspired by this very-appropriate-and-possible summer trend of watermelons. I got the idea from my little watermelon toothpick holder that I had got two years back. And I made this for my first succulent, a miniature jade. I love succulents. They can be beautiful, cute, durable and can add to and liven up any indoor and outdoor decor.

I have posted about my first painted planter a few days back. Well, I have used the exact same things to paint this. I purchased the terracotta planter-saucer from Orchard Supply and the supplies from Michaels. See the things used and method here.The only difference is the size of the plant pot and saucer 4” and 4” (each) and the colors used (red, green, white and black for this).


Watermelon Painted Planter

This planter can make herself comfortable in different places in the house, indoor and outdoor..

For all the lovely parents, by following the procedure given you can involve your children in making this cute, summer planter and also teach them to plant a seed or two, or even a plant! There! An activity sorted. πŸ™‚ I have, myself, done this watermelon design painting with my students. And they loved it!

Watermelon Painted Planter

The miniature jade succulent for Melony


Watermelon Painted Planter

Happy Summer, everyone!


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