The Infinity Dreams Award!

Infinity dreams award

Here’s my first post on this mixed bag section of ‘La Pinata’. And while I did have something ready for all you wonderful people, I got a message from my fellow blogger Manasi, that she nominated me for Infinity Dream Award! And what better ‘first post’ than my first ever nomination for an Award ?!!

In my little-over-a-month  experience of blogging, I would read so many blogs and see these lovely awards that bloggers would get nominated for. And I would sigh. ‘‘One day..’’ And who knew this day would come so soon?! Thank you so much, Manasi, for appreciating my work and giving me this opportunity. I am really thankful. 🙂 And I hope I can do justice to this.

Because I am new to the blogging world, I googled what ‘Infinity Dream Award’ was about and the procedure. So here how it goes:

  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell us 7 dreams of yours.
  3. Nominate bloggers and set questions for them

Manasi wanted me to share more about myself, my desires and aspirations and nominate 7 bloggers. Will not be the easiest thing to do but I will try my best to put it in… brief?

An Artsy Appetite is my space, a space where I share my passions. Apart from what goes up on this blog, I love to teach. I am a credentialed teacher by profession, have had a stint as a professional teacher in India after my Masters and teacher training  program before I came to the US. Here I had to reorient, learn and experience the educational system in a new light altogether. I learn something new everyday.

Born and bred in Kolkata, India for the first 25 years of my life, majority of my family is there. My family is my life, my husband is my soul mate and confidante, my best friend and catalyst behind this blog. The biggest inspiration in my life is my mother. If I find myself at crossroads, I only ask myself one thing, “What would Ma do?” My mom, till date, gives me the strength I need, even though I lost her at the age of 15. (No, this is not going to be a sob story from here on.) My mother’s life, her teachings, the way she was, her demise and the life after that, all went into making the person that I am today.

Like all of you (or Many of you!) I have dreams and aspirations and quite a few of them that too! Here are seven of them..

  • The first dream is a literally a dream. However unrealistic it may sound, I wish I could share all my life experiences so far, with my mother.
  • I wish that all my little brother’s dreams and aspirations come true.
  • I dream that one day some genius, some saviour comes up with a cure to cancer. I lost my ‘Jethu’ (paternal uncle) to this mysterious disease. I miss his wise words, his laugh and his sense of humor.
  • I love art. One of my aspirations is to do something with it. A small store one day, maybe? Time will tell 🙂
  • I want to have the ability to learn, forever. Learning, absorbing, processing and understanding is a gift. As a teacher, as a human being I want to be able to keep learning new things. It gives me energy and a sense of motivation. This way I hope to get better at the things I do, like cooking, baking, painting, gardening (to name a few).
  • My husband and I love different cultures, food and places. This is our dream that we should be able to travel to as many countries of the world, as possible. One at a time, slowly but steadily. (My favorite teacher and professor, Dr.DG, would always tell us, “Remember, the tortoise won the race. The hare did not!”)
  • I dream and hope for a safer and greener world. Safe from wars, greed, intolerance and ego. So that we and the coming generations can live in harmony.

Thank you for dropping by and reading about me and my dreams. I would love to nominate the following bloggers and their blogs for the Infinity Dream Awards:

Pritha ~ Guilt Free

Peachy Tales

Priya ~  en quête de saveur

The Hand Made Card Blog


Annotated Audrey Art

Love Served Daily

Congratulations to each one of you! You could tell us more about yourself, your dreams and aspirations and nominate seven more amazing bloggers!



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