The Creative Blogger Award!!

Creative Blogger AwardThis feels absolutely fantastic! When I thought of blogging I knew it would not be just about food. I wanted to primarily share my art with all of you. And in 2 months of starting my blog, I get this honor ~ The Creative Blogger Award! The word ‘creative’ is Such a big compliment for me!
I have Janice to thank for this amazing opportunity and am very humbled. Janice’s blog ‘The Ugly Duckling’s Life’ is a very interesting mix of food, travel, art, music and quotes. Do drop by her space  and I am sure it will put a smile on your face. 🙂

So here are the rules of the Award:

1) Nominate blogs and notify the nominees
2) Mention the link of the blog/blogger who nominated you
3) Share five random facts about yourself

Five random facts about myself:

1) I love all kinds of vegetables. And I mean ALL. But chicken curry and rice remains my all-time favorite comfort food.
2) I like well-painted nails that are not too long. I dislike super long nails.
3) I love listening to music. Especially when I am driving.
4) My husband is my bestie. 🙂
5) I think I have mild OCD when it comes to Art and home decor. 😉 I love combining the two.

My nominees are:

Welcome to Creative Space
The Handmade Card Blog

Congratulations to all of you!
And Janice, thank you for this, once again.

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