DIY Planter ~ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

DIY Planter ~ Reuse and RecyclPresenting my recycled ‘regal’ planter. When you get scotch in such a beautiful container, you care less about the scotch. That’s just me! 
This beauty came into our home during the 2015 Cricket World Cup when one of our friends came over to watch the game with us. Our friend told us that he picked up this scotch especially for the container. And I asked him with a wide grin, “Can I keep it? Please?” Very nice of him to say ‘yes’. And that was it! I knew I could see this in my patio with a lush green plant in it. It is a houseplant that is sturdy with thick-ish green leaves. From four leaves when it was planted, it has grown so much and, as you will now see in the pictures, it is now prospering in the ‘regal’ planter. 🙂

DIY Planter ~ Reuse and Recycle

Peperomia species plant ~ Leafy houseplant growing ‘regal’-ly!

It is very easy to turn any tin container into a planter.

All you need is:

tin container


drill or screwdriver and hammer (I used the latter)


a plant (I chose a Peperomia species plant)


1) Fill up the container with water and freeze overnight. The water will freeze inside the container and this ice will be the firm support you need to drill holes at the bottom.

2) Turn the container upside down, draw 4-5 tiny circles with a marker and drill on those spots. I don’t have a drill so I held a screwdriver and beat it with a hammer to make a hole.

3) Put potting soil in the container and plant something in it. That’s it! Easy isn’t it?

DIY Planter ~ Reuse and Recycle

The holes at the bottom are essential for drainage of excess water.

DIY Planter ~ Reuse and Recycle

DIY Planter ~ Reuse and Recycle

Recycled planters are easy to make and can add a different dimension of creativity to your home

Recycle any tin container you may have at home and use it as a planter. Home decor does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Look around your home. See what things you are planning to throw like containers, tins, jars etc. And see what you can do with them. Let your imagination take over!

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