DIY Painted Chair as a Plant Stand ~ From Drab to Fab!

DIY Painted Chair as Plant Stand How To.

How to turn a drab old furniture into something new? This is an old chair, painted and used as a plant stand.

My love for plants, planters and my patio makes me do these things. And I enjoy every bit of it. My last DIY post focused on reusing and recycling, you can see it here. So here’s a slightly different tutorial post.
I wanted a luscious big money plant or Epipremnum aureum for my patio. They just look so green and full of life with the beautifully shaped leaves. But for this, I needed a plant stand.

I looked up plant stands in various stores but never got down to getting one. One weekend while AB and me strolled out of our home, I spotted a dull looking wooden chair. Someone was moving out and had all these furniture, electronics etc, kept outside the condo. I went straight towards the chair, then looked at AB.

“What are you doing?”

“I like this chair.”

“Okay, but please now let’s go from here.”

“Can I please take this chair home?”

“This?! No way. Sumana, it’s someone’s old furniture. I don’t want this inside our house!”

“I want this as a plant stand. I don’t want to use it as a chair!”

“What?! Really? Okay, then we have to directly take it into the patio.”

And my heart filled with glee. I instantly knew I wanted a red plant stand.

And this is how I did it.
You can, too, turn any old, shabby chair, small table or even an old iron stand into a brand new one..

Things you will need:

a 2” chip brush
any color Rustoleum paint ( a sample pack should suffice)
soap water
paper towel/cloth
gloves (optional)

Method for painting:

1) Clean old chair properly to ensure there is no dust or dirt. Let it dry completely.

2) If the wood was painted  or polished from before, just start painting it directly. If not, then you may need a primer. (I did not use one as mine was polished from before)

3) Follow directions on the paint can. Let it dry and apply a second coat. After it’s completely dry, give yourself a pat on the back! You have a brand new plant stand..or chair? 🙂

DIY Painted Chair as Plant Stand How To.

The things required. I got my paint and brush from Orchard Supply Hardware

DIY Painted Chair as Plant Stand How To.

This DIY is as easy as ABC. (That’ me painting and no, I don’t like to wear gloves)

DIY Painted Chair as Plant Stand How To tutorial

Before and After

DIY Painted Chair as Plant Stand How To.

The red contrasts beautifully with the green plant

My friend gave me the money plant and I think it looks perfect on this red chair. You can also go for other plants like spider plant or maybe a collection of small succulents in planters to keep on this chair. The world is your imagination.

Until next time, Happy Painting!


9 thoughts on “DIY Painted Chair as a Plant Stand ~ From Drab to Fab!

  1. Gorgeous! I just read Gail’s post, thanking you for nominatin her for the Creative Blogger Award.
    I just painted one of my wrought iron black dining chairs, purple. Gonna do the other 3 soon!
    PS, I don’t wear gloves either! I can’t breathe, when I’m all plastic coated. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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