Thai Basil Fried Rice Recipe or Khao Pad Horapa

Thai Basil Fried Rice I Khao Pad Horapa RecipeAn easy and tasty option for quick weeknight dinners or leisurely weekends, Thai Basil Fried Rice is a favorite for many. And this recipe is simple enough to cook at home whenever you are craving Thai food. I have used chicken but scroll down to see the vegetarian option which I have given after the ‘Method for Cooking’. 
It was at my paternal uncle or Jethu’s house in Kolkata that I first had Thai food. No matter how much I say about my Jethu, it will not be enough. He was my mentor and a father figure and all his advice to me will always remain with me even though I lost him to cancer.
I remember having an extensive conversation with him on Thai food and the ingredients that go into this cuisine. He had bought all the Thai food ingredients, especially the sauces, from Singapore, on his many visits to my brother’s place. “You must know how to cook. If you know how to cook, swim and drive, you can survive anywhere”, he said. He would have been so delighted today to see me cooking and that too one of his favorite cuisines.

I absolutely love Thai and Chinese cuisine that we get here in the Bay Area. And more often than not I am craving the former. Thai food, is similar to Indian food in terms of carbs and proteins, curries, use of coconut milk and the spice level of the food! Yet it is unique with the use of ingredients like Thai Basil – an extremely fragrant and flavorful basil, lemon grass, galangal and fish sauce along with copious amounts of garlic.

In my last post ~ Coconut Milk Crepes ~ I mentioned that I do enjoy cooking different kinds of food, outside of the expansive variety of Indian food. So, here’s a great recipe that AB and I enjoy at the comforts of our home. And who would not want good home-cooked restaurant style Thai Fried Rice? I can’t think of anyone, honestly.

Ingredients you will need:

3 cups jasmine rice (preferably), cooked and refrigerated overnight
2 cups chicken thighs or breasts cut into strips or cubes
3-4 garlic cloves, chopped
1 cup thai basil, leaves only
¼ cup small onion/green onion/shallots, chopped
3 dried red chilli pepper (adjust to taste)
3 thai chilli or green chillies, slit (adjust to taste)
2 tbsp dark soy sauce
2 tbsp fish sauce (or vegan fish sauce for vegetarians)
2 tbsp oil (vegetable/canola)

Method for cooking:

1) Heat pan on high heat. Add oil. Once oil is hot add the chicken. Saute the chicken till almost cooked and brownish in color.

2) To the chicken, add garlic, dry red chilies and thai chilies, a dash of the soy sauce and half of the thai basil. Stir and cook for 45 seconds to a minute.

3) Add cooked rice and saute for 2-3 minutes. Now add chopped onions, soy sauce and fish sauce. Mix well and cook. At last, add the remaining basil leaves. Stir for another ten seconds or so. Turn off the heat. Your Thai Basil Fried Rice is ready! Serve hot.

Substitute chicken with tofu, mushrooms and baby corn. You can also use blanched carrots and broccoli.
Skip the fish sauce if you are not comfortable and instead use a little more of the soy sauce or a vegan fish sauce. As far as I know, there is no exact alternative for fish/oyster/shrimp sauce in Thai food but for this fried rice, the other ingredients and Thai Basil will anyway give you an excellent flavor. So go ahead!

Thai Basil Fried Rice I Khao Pad Horapa Recipe

Thai basil will have a purple stem and a distinctly strong aroma. Also, you can increase or decrease the chilies to adjust to your needs

Thai Basil Fried Rice I Khao Pad Horapa Recipe

Dark Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce are the only sauces you will need

Thai Basil Fried Rice I Khao Pad Horapa Recipe

Thai Basil Fried Rice I Khao Pad Horapa Recipe

Enjoy this fried rice just like that, with a squeeze of lime or with any Thai curry

Wait no more, get these ingredients and enjoy Thai Fried Rice in the comforts of your home anytime!!

And please leave your thoughts in the comments below or on my Facebook page, I would love to know. 🙂

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