Kalakand ~ Indian dairy-based dessert (and my 50th blog post!)

Kalakand ~ Indian dairy-based dessert recipe

Kalakand ~ a traditional Indian dessert made in the simplest way possible

Shubho Bijoya and Happy Dussehra! The festive season is very much on. So here is an Indian dessert, the easiest to make, with just two main ingredients.
I learnt this recipe from a good friend, more like an elder sister to me, Ananya Di, (‘Didi’ or ‘Di’ means elder sister in our language, Bengali). Her Kalakand was so delicious that I had to try it at home. And she assured me that it was super duper easy to make.

One important thing about this dish is that it is completely microwave cooked. And I have never used a microwave to cook anything before this. After trying this dish out a few times, I figured out the time break-up.

Ingredients you will need:

300 gm Sweetened Condensed Milk (Eagle Brand, Carnation, Nestle or any brand)

425 gms Ricotta Cheese

few drops of Rose water

ground pistachio or pomegranate seeds (for garnishing)

½ tsp or less ghee or clarified butter (you may also use a non-stick cooking spray/oil)

Method for cooking:

  1. Grease a square/rectangular pan and keep aside.
  2. Mix ricotta cheese, condensed milk and rose water in a large glass/microwave proof bowl
  3. Cover this with a muslin cloth, cheese cloth or kitchen towel and microwave 4mins on ‘Cook’ mode in high temperature. (do not use an airtight lid)
  4. Take this out. Stir well with spoon, especially from the sides, cover again and cook for 3 mins.
  5. Repeat the process – take it out, stir, cover and cook, now for 2 mins. Repeat the process once more for another 2 mins. So the time duration should be 4,3,2,2.
  6. The final cooked mixture should be like thick curdled milk product which has reduced in amount. (see picture below). It should not be stiff at this point, that will happen once the Kalakand has set in the tray.
  7. In the greased pan, spread the cooked mixture evenly. Sprinkle ground pistachio on top. Let this cool down to room temperature. Then put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Your Kalakand is ready!

If you have nut allergies, worry not, you can garnish with pomegranate seeds or saffron.

If your mixture is still runny after cooking it according to the instructions given below, don’t worry. Just cook it a bit more. Ensure that whatever time break-up you use, the end product should be thick and lumpy, NOT liquidy. You may have to repeat the cover, cook, uncover, stir process a couple of more times or you may not even need to cook it for 4,3,2,2 mins. All depends on your microwave!

Kalakand ~ Indian dairy-based dessert recipe

These are your main two ingredients

Kalakand ~ Indian dairy-based dessert recipe

Left ~ The final microwaved mixture will look like this. Right ~ the same mixture spread out in a pan and garnished with ground pistachio

Kalakand ~ Indian dairy-based dessert recipe

Kalakand is perfect if you have to make a dessert quickly for a large number of people

Kalakand ~ Indian dairy-based dessert recipeThank you to my readers for all your love and appreciation for each and every blog post I have done so far. It’s encouraging and motivates me to keep doing what I love to do. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Kalakand ~ Indian dairy-based dessert (and my 50th blog post!)

  1. Looks sooo yummy and I love ricotta ^^ Hope to make them soon.
    Keep up the good work (your canvas are amazing)!
    Best wishes,


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