Rose Sandesh Recipe | Indian Rose Mithai | Rose-flavored Sweet Cheese Fudge | How to make Rose Shondesh

Rose Sondesh, Rose Shondesh, Rose Sandesh, Rose Mithai

The soft goodness of Sondesh with the flavor of real rose…

‘Shondesh’ is a type of sweet treat that is typical to Kolkata or (Calcutta, if you please!) And it’s notorious for it’s popularity among Bengalis! It is high in protein because it’s made with cheese or ‘chhana’ or ‘chena’ that is derived from fresh whole milk. The added delight to this is the number of flavors it comes in. Shondesh can be consumed as a treat just by itself, a snack or even as a dessert. I do know people in Calcutta who literally need to eat one shondesh a day after their meal or that meal remains incomplete! But then again, we have to agree that in Calcutta sweets are not only popular, they are readily and very easily available in the city. Outside Bengal, it is known as ‘sandesh‘. Continue reading