Road Trip to Death Valley National Park

Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography
For our 5th wedding anniversary, we decided to do a Road Trip. As soon as my Feb break would start (I am a middle school teacher and we get a week off in Feb!) AB and I decided to take off on the Saturday, first day of the break. Before I start describing our trip through words and photography, let me quickly tell you that some selected photographs are available for purchase in different sizes on my Etsy shop! Please click here. If you want a particular picture in a size that’s not listed, please let me know by messaging me here on in my Etsy shop.

Now, coming back, I personally love Las Vegas! I don’t gamble or the type to party hard but I like Vegas for a few specific reasons. I was born and brought up in a city (in India) which was bustling with people, activity, lights, billboards….and life! I find that in Vegas (and Times Square in NYC). So I wanted to go to Vegas and AB suggested a road trip via Death Valley. That sounded good. I was always intrigued by Death Valley. What happens there? Do we die if we go there? Why such a name? I know, I know, you are probably wondering I could just google it! Simplest solution for the internet-equipped mankind! But going there (if you can) and seeing it for yourself is better, isn’t it?

So, let me take you through our travel to Death Valley and then the Valley itself.

We left our San Francisco Bay Area home at about 5pm PST on a Saturday evening and missed our evening tea. Not much of a coffee fan but we stopped at Gilroy for my Starbucks favorite, Soy Latte, and a regular latte for AB. (My secret life goal is to make AB like the taste of soy milk. I just have to figure out a sneaky way!) Photo is posted in my Instagram – check out and do follow.

For the night, we halted at Bakersfield, CA.

Driving far away from home made us realize what the California storm and rain had actually done! The once-brown-and-naked hills are now lush green. A delightfully pretty sight. (I, also, secretly promised to stop grumbling when it rains cats and dogs on the way to work almost every day.)

Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography

Car refueling was at Mojave City, CA

Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography, Mojave, CA
Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography, Mojave, CA

Almost close to Death Valley, we drove through Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA. The lush green had transitioned into huge rock formations in different shades of red. The drive down was relaxing while we saw how the landscape changed.

Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography, Red Rock Canyon Park
Red Rock Canyon State PArk, CA

Views from Ridgecrest, CA

Ridgecrest, CA

Finally in Death Valley. It has these main spots, like any other National Park, and we did try to stop at as many as possible. (Our final destination was Vegas by that night.)

Welcome to Death Valley, CA, travelogue
As soon as we entered, we saw a swampy lake with soft sand. Good for the eyes, but not so much for the shoes, especially when you step onto the sand unaware!Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography

Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography

Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography

It was time to get some lunch and Stovepipe Wells was the next stop. And also for my mandatory magnet shopping! This place is good if you are into camping. There were a ton of people with RVs and, of course, tents.

Stovepipe Wells, Death VAlley, CA

Sand dune formations were found beyond Stovepipe Wells.

Sand Dunes at Road Trip to Death Valley, CA Travel photography

Furnace Creek – similar to Stonepipe Wells, also a popular campground. Furnace Creek Inn is the big hotel there and if you choose to stay in Death Valley National Park, this is a good option. A good place to start the trip would be Furnace Creek Information Center. (picture below)

Furnace Creek, Death VAlley, CA
It was sunset time right after we finished our Furace Creek Information Center tour. These pictures below are right outside the building. 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This is how Death Valley looks at night. The exhibit was at the Information Center. No, we were not hanging around in Death Valley to witness this pretty view ourselves. 

Golden Canyon was our last stop and it falls in the way to Badwater Basin. The latter is a popular tourist spot especially in summer when the water dries up and the basin floor remains exposed and cracked due to the heat. Golden Canyon is a super-mini version of the Grand Canyon. Once you see this, you realize how astronomical in size the GC is. It gives you perspective.

Golden Canyon, Death Valley, CA travel pictures

Golden Canyon, Death Valley, CA
View of Death Valley, CA, road trip
At this point, we exited Death Valley National Park and headed right down to Las Vegas! Photo blog/travel photos up Vegas coming up soon! Stay tuned…Pop into my Facebook Page, where I update about my posts as soon as they are up. And drop by and follow my Instagram! 🙂
Some photographs from this travelogue is up on my Etsy shop, please message me if you like any other or for a custom order. Thanks!

p.s. I hope you enjoyed this virtual road trip and officially my first Travel blogpost!!

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