Accent Showpieces for Home Interiors ~ The Turquoise Buddha

The Turquoise Buddha was one of our purchases from this stand alone, expansive, pottery store (where I spent 4 whole hours) and I have not seen anything even remotely similar to this anywhere else, so far. Read on if you want to know more about it. 

Buddha busts or statues are seen as beautiful home decor pieces. I never really planned on having one but we (AB and I) came across this pottery shop on the way to Monterey. It was right beside the kayaking place, which was our destination. So, this shop – Pot Stop was an accidental find and were we pleasantly surprised! While I was busy taking pictures on my camera, AB found this delightful turquoise Buddha in the sea of all the things in that store! And we had to bring it home. 

I have a detailed post on this store which keeps Talavera pottery, ceramics, tiles, indoor/outdoor decor items, etc. Please click here to see all the pictures that I took in the store to get a glimpse of what it has to offer. It’s a whole lot!

This Buddha can be used as an indoor or outdoor decor item. I personally like it inside the house as it adds a pop of color to our space.

Hope you liked it, too, as much as we do! In case you missed the details of this shop, click here to get a peek of the amazing things it has.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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