Ganesha Acrylic Painting on Canvas ~ textured, metallic art

how to paint a ganesha on canvas with acrylic paints

Ganesha on canvas is probably one of my most favorite painting. I have mentioned this in my first Ganesha painting post that I wanted to collect little idols of Ganeshas and have a shelf full of them as items of home decor. And since I could not get them here in the US, I decided to paint them!    

This painting was made on a 8×10 canvas. It took me two days to make this. The time you spend each day on it totally depends how you decide to do the background and how precise you want the Ganesha outline to be.

The process is simple.

I used:

8×10 canvas

Artist Acrylic paints (you can use any good quality acrylic paints) – red, orange, yellow, yellow ochre, black, and gold

Golden Artist acrylic paint mediums

Paint brushes – broad/flat for the background and regular thin ones for the outline

Kitchen towels for clean up

Method for Painting 

Day 1 – Background Painting

The background is textured so you have a lot of freedom of hand movement here. In a palette or disposable plate, mix the medium thick acrylic medium and the paint. (If you are not using a medium, take some extra paint to get the textured effect.) All you need to do is take a your brush and color and keep dabbing the flat brush in a diagonal pattern (not horizontal nor vertical). To maintain uniformity, keep your brush tilted in that angle consistently until you complete the whole background. You can also do this with a sponge and do the same dabbing technique.

Add a darker color (I used red) on the sides and then blend the orange and red, dabbing throughout.

Day 2 – Ganesha Painting
I found a simple black outline of Lord Ganesha while searching on Google and used my own choice of colors to make a textured colorful background.  The outline is made with just black paint and brush (no water) using a free hand. No stencils used!

Once dry, I used a thinner brush and gold acrylic paint to trace the Ganesha again, beside the black lines.

You can use any color combination for this painting, for the background or the Ganesha outline.

Put it in a frame (if it’s a flat canvas) and it’s ready to go up in your home or work space! It can also be a great gift idea!

how to paint a ganesha on canvas with acrylic paints

how to paint a ganesha on canvas with acrylic paints

how to paint a ganesha on canvas with acrylic paints

A similar Ganesha painting I had posted previously had grabbed a lot of attention. This is just a modified version of the same.

You will find the other Ganesha paintings in the following links:

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Ganesha Series 

Until next time, get a paintbrush, some paint, and try something new!


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