New York City during the Christmas Holidays | Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Winter Village in Bryant Park | NYC Christmas Photography

New York during Winter Holidays ~ Winter Village in Bryant Park

I blogged about my trip to London last December. The photo blogs are all here:

The National Library at London

London Trip Part 1 ~ Walking through London City

London Trip Part 2 ~ Warwick Castle, Startford-upon-Avon, Oxford

On the way back, we transited through New York and stayed there for two days to see the city in all it’s Christmas attire.  

I have recently said in one of my Instagram posts that I am from the Home Alone and Jingle All the Way generation and have grown up on movies that showed New York in Christmas. So I can’t help but romanticize about the glories of New York City during the holidays and of course, it’s been on my bucket list. It is true. The lights, shine, and glitter are all mesmerizing to see in person. And we also experienced the east coast CHILL. It was bone-chilling cold and we were staying with my sister just beside Times Square. So wherever we went we decided to walk, instead of taking an Uber or a cab (which would take 40 mins for a 5 min distance!) But that 5 min walk would feel like an hour in the chill! “Layer up and walk on”, we told ourselves. 


Winter Village at Bryant Park, NYC

Although it was my third time in New York, AB and I went out for a walk to see NYC during the day. The cold led us to go to a coffee shop right away and we got ourselves some breakfast too. So it was French toast with syrup and coffee to warm our hearts. And the sight of New York Cheesecake. 🙂

Times Square during the day

Times Square at night was just the same – all lit up and full of energy. And there was this cute couple with the boy proposing to the girl and the crowd cheering them on!

Lights and decor in NYC

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

I would HIGHLY recommend that you see this city during the Holidays as it’s so pretty! The air is different, the lights help to keep people’s spirits up even in the below-freezing-point-chill. Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center is full of life with people skating, eating, chatting, and spending quality family time.

Hoping this post has given you a sense of New York in Christmas. It definitely took me back to the movies. One more thing checked off my bucket list. 🙂

Happy Holidays!


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