Brass Planters | DIY Natural Chemical-free Brass Cleaner for tarnished brass | How to easily clean brass at home

I feel like I’ve not posted a DIY in ages. So to make your home sparkle in the New Year, I’ve found this easy, natural, solution to polish tarnished brass and loving the idea that it’s completely chemical-free.

AB’s parents had these two beautiful brass planters. I got them to the US when we went to India in summer since no one was using them, and they were just kept inside the loft becoming more tarnished with every passing day. My father-in-law (Baba) gave a Brasso with it, too, to polish it with. I struggled with the idea of using Brasso on it when I realized how strong and repulsive it’s scent is (I never realized that as a kid). And it was equally hard for me to get AB to do it. To make it worse, I was longing to put my beautiful pothos in it.  So I thought I’ll give the lemon-salt homemade cleaner a try, that I use to clean my copper utensils. And it worked like magic.

Here’s what you will need:

brass object(s)

1-2 lemon*

3-4 tbsp regular salt*

a small plate

warm water

paper towel/clean dish cloth/microfiber cloth 

*you may need less or more depending on the amount of tarnish

How to clean:

Cut the lemon into half. Take the salt on a small plate. Wet the brass object in some warm water.

Dab a lemon half face down into the salt well. Rub on the brass object thoroughly. You will notice the dark stains disappearing almost immediately. Cover every bit with a good amount of salt. Squeeze lemon from time to time and rub more.

Leave this for 3-4 mins. Wash off with warm water. Wipe with a clean dish cloth or paper towel immediately. See your brass item shining.


Before (pics on the left) and After (pics on the right)


Sparkling polished brass planter

I always keep microfiber cloth handy for almost any household cleaning chore. This cloth is soft and cleans almost any surface or object without scratching it. You can easily get this cloth here. 


Brass Planter to beautify our home

I am so glad that I could add life to the brass pots once bought by Baba on one of his business trips. The brass pot makes a stunning planter for my pothos. They liven up any living space while giving it that ethnic touch, which I love. And while I am still on the hunt for the perfect houseplant for the second planter, AB and I are happy to preserve vintage family items in our home. Honestly, there’s nothing more I like than treasured things that belonged to our parents and family. 


What are you doing to your home to bring in the New Year? Let me know in the comments below or through my social media handles

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