Ganesha Canvas Painting – Part One
Ganesha Canvas Painting – Part Two
The Ganesha Series
Monday Magenta  ~ Cherry Blossoms Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Canvas Paintings made at Paint Nite
Peacock Feather Canvas Art + an exciting announcement!
Colorful Baby Giraffe Acrylic Canvas Painting
‘Black Horse’ by Jamini Roy ~ recreated canvas painting
Dragonflies in the Night Sky – My Etsy Shop is back!
Vintage Pink Volkswagen Beetle – a colorful, painted, wall art
Lovebirds on a Tree ~ multi canvas textured painting
Ganesha Acrylic Painting on Canvas ~ textured, metallic art

My First Painted Planter
Meet Ms Melony (DIY Watermelon Painted Planter)
DIY Painted Planters ~ Color Blocking
DIY Planter ~ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
DIY Painted Chair as a Plant Stand ~ From Drab to Fab! (easy picture tutorial)
DIY Natural Homemade Brass Cleaner (Chemical-free), How to clean brass easily at home


Fun Planters for a Patio Garden ~ my Sheep Planter
Mini Curios ~ The Little Tea Set
Potstop ~ Your one-stop shop for home and garden decor
Photographs as Wall Art ~ ‘Nature in the Rain’
Accent Showpiece for Home Interiors ~ The Turquoise Buddha
Brass Planters for Houseplants (and easy brass cleaning at home with no chemicals) 

Trip to London ~ The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square 



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