Mangoes and cute little things!

Mangoes and Watermelon toothpick holderSummer months automatically mean mangoes. Mangoes flood the Indian grocery stores here. You would also find them at Trader Joe’s, Whole Food etc. AB and I try the varieties that you get here and this year we have been especially lucky to have found these excellent ones in one particular Indian store here. The taste of those mangoes takes me straight back to Kolkata when I would relish the ‘Langra’ variety while my entire family would go for ‘Himsagar’ without batting an eyelid.

I love mangoes way too much. Some peeled and cut mangoes after a meal is our perfect dessert and makes the day look perfect on hindsight. And this is how AB and I enjoy our fruits. Why use a fruit fork when you have toothpicks in a cutesy holder?

Mangoes and Watermelon toothpick holder

The beloved summer fruit ~ Mango

In my first few months in this country, I found this cute little toothpick holder in Walgreens. It was inexpensive to say the least, 2 for $1. Yes! (Unfortunately, did not see it in Walgreens after that.) Till now this is the only toothpick holder in my house and I still get questions from people who see it for the first time. I adore these little things in our home and keep an eye out for similar simple yet cute things.

This watermelon toothpick holder actually was the inspiration behind my planter, Melony. 🙂 I wanted a cute design for my first succulent and here it was!

Watermelon toothpick holder

Watermelon toothpick holder

The source of the watermelon design idea for my first succulent planter 

Do you have any such small thing at home that simply brings a smile to your face?

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