Canvas Paintings made at Paint Nite

Painting can be most relaxing. I sort of knew this, but I better experienced it at Paint Nite. Well, what is Paint Nite?

Paint Nite is a rather refreshing concept if you are in the mood to have a good time. It’s an event that is conducted by the organizers where you can have drinks and food while painting (therefore, ‘Drink Creatively’). You can go with a group of friends, a friend or just by yourself to a location of your choice, which is usually a restaurant, steakhouse, restaurant-cum-bars, a clubhouse etc. There are tons of paintings that you can select online from their website. That painting will be conducted by an instructor/artist who will guide everyone at the event from start to finish, with the sample painting kept there for reference.They will provide you with all the art supplies (canvas, easel, paint, palette, brushes..) and at the end you can take back your creation with you! And of course, drinks and food are optional and are not included. You have to purchase them separately.

AB found out about this and saw coupons for Paint Nite on Groupon. I booked for my first Paint Nite with two friends at a Golf Club and I loved the event. The instructor was fun and helpful. There was nice music and yes, I got a Mai Tai midway. 🙂

Fireflies Paintings - Paint Nite San Jose

Fireflies Painting ~ Acrylic on Canvas

Fireflies Painting - Paint Nite San Jose

Canvas Painting on framed canvas, ready to be hung up once you get home

I went back for another Paint Nite with friends at P F Changs and it was great, too. Only that I did not like my final lotus in the painting, so I re-painted it at home. (The joys of using acrylics!)

Lotus at Night ~ Acrylic on Canvas Painting

I loved the background. But was not too happy with the lotus

Lotus at Night ~ Acrylic on Canvas Painting

So I re-painted it. Love using acrylics!

Lotus at Night ~ Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Simple brush stokes for the background. Blended the lotus with different colors

Lotus at Night ~ Acrylic on Canvas Painting

The full painting with the glowing lotus

Both have found their place on our bedroom wall. 🙂

Paint Nite Paintings ~ Acrylic on Canvas

My two Paint Nite paintings. Want to go for another Paint Nite. Soon, very soon!

It has been awhile since I last posted about canvas painting, last was my cherry blossom painting. Well, here it is!
So until next time, paint to unwind. It’s the best!



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