DIY Painted Planters ~ Color Blocking

DIY Painted Planters: Summer Color Blocking

The Colorful Foursome

Let me introduce my famous foursome. These are my fashion-forward planters.

My love for succulents and painted planters has been well expressed in my posts on Melony and My first painted planter. Apart from canvas and acrylic art, I love colorful planters that I can design and paint myself.

DIY Painted Planters: Summer Color Blocking

These small planters brighten up my patio and can be a great home decor idea

These small bell-shaped planters I purchased at Michaels, on clearance.(I wish I had got more). I was quite positive I will plant succulents in most of them so I wanted a pattern but not any intricate design. While I sat staring at them I asked AB, “What do I do with these?” He calmly said, picking out two paint color bottles at a time, “Paint this with these two, this with these two, then this…” That’s it! It was a perfect Color Block idea for my planters! I asked him, “How do you know about Color Blocking?” He said, “What’s that? I have no idea.” Well, okay.

In case any of you are wondering about the same, in a nutshell, Color Blocking is a way in which you put together two opposite colors on the color wheel for a contrast effect. The most extreme color block pair is black and white.

You can do the same with any Patio Paint or Outdoor Paint. I choose to top it off with Kryolan UV Resistant Clear Spray. You can see the procedure to paint planters in here.

DIY Painted Planters : Summer Color Blocking

Blue and Orange with a pink leafy dotted plant

DIY Painted Planters : Summer Color Blocking

Fuchsia and Blue Planter. This is one of my favorite combinations.

DIY Painted Planters : Summer Color Blocking

Apple Green and Fuchsia planter

DIY Painted Planters : Summer Color Blocking

Yellow and Orange combination (well, not Exactly color blocking). One of my favorite succulents. Bear Paws. You can see tiny bear paws coming up 🙂

When painting planters, don’t invest in expensive brushes. Any synthetic brush for acrylic painting does a very good job. You can choose the type of brush – flat, regular or rounded brush.

DIY Painted Planters : Summer Color Blocking

Summer fashion for my DIY Painted Planters (and my birdie makes her appearance again)

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding these, in case you want to re create them. Do tag me in my social media pages #anartsyappetite 🙂

Until next time, have a great summer!


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